Six Sigma Solutions International

Getting the information you need to make better decisions

Senior Vice President – Johnson & Johnson

Six Sigma Solutions provided our Black Belts with the hands on experiences of practitioners who have used the Six Sigma toolset in real world situations. This has been a discriminator in closing projects on schedule and driving true bottom line results.

Our Approach


As practitioners, the consultants at Six Sigma Solutions International have found that understanding statistical tools alone is not sufficient for a successful business improvement program.


The training focuses on application of the methodology and achieving results that return value to the business vs. developing an academic understanding of the mechanics of the statistical methods.

Training Support

Everyone who attends the Black Belt and Green Belt training sessions are provided free email and phone support on their current and future projects.

Project Work

All of the consultants at Six Sigma Solutions International have extensive experience applying the methodolgy in a variety of industries.

Training Options

Black Belt

This program teaches participants the skill-set required to rapidly acquire knowledge so that better decisions can be made regarding the product design and manufacturing processes.

Green Belt

This training is intended for individuals who are working to improve processes that are transactional in nature.


Upper management play a key role in developing the deployment strategy and monitoring the impact of the improvement efforts.

Open Enrollment

Six Sigma Solutions International occasionally offers open enrollment classes for smaller organizations or individuals who want to get certified as Green Belts or Black Belts.